"Be Immersed!" - Tim Stanford, ExchangeCC Youth Pastor

I have fallen in love with American food. The Chick-fil-A burger, I’m pretty sure, was eaten at Jesus’ last supper. We don’t have that in Australia so for the first few months after I arrived, I immersed myself into the Chick-fil-A goodness. A few months later I saw its effects. Bad effects. My taste buds loved it, but my waist didn't.

Paul wrote a letter to the church in Philippi while in jail for preaching the name of Jesus, which we now know as Philippians. For most, if not all, jail would be a pretty terrible place. Paul, however, knew where his Joy, peace, and confidence was: in God. 

Paul was immersed in all of God's goodness and encouraged the church in Philippians 4:6 to, “Be saturated in prayer throughout each day” (TPT). The very core and context of what Paul is saying here is, when we immerse ourselves in prayer throughout our day, fix our thoughts on what God's thoughts are and immerse our lives in His Goodness, what comes of that is peace, joy, love, strength for our day ahead, and provision beyond what we can see. Paul was immersed, and we now read of his testimony of Joy and Love, in the midst of chaos in jail, that he knew came from God. 

Just like my Chick-fil-A immersion, I experienced many gains… over time! (In the wrong place!) But our immersion in God brings so much more than we could ever imagine! Be immersed in Him, the God who loves you, and watch your life change and God's goodness come forth through you!

With love,